DEWANE HUGHES - Samson, steel, 11’x4’x4’,
The large scale sculptures in this folder are created solely by the
artist. All metal fabrication and surface finish is completed in
Hughes' studio. Each work is engineered for outdoor public viewing
which includes the safety for foot traffic as well as being able to
withstand inclement weather.
JENNIFER WESTER - View-quet 8’x10’ x 4’
Materials: Stainless steel tubing & Acrylic sheeting
Concept: To create a steel and acrylic sculpture ‹bouquet of
flowers› creating a super natural floral sculpture with ample space
for interaction (photos, and interactive structure).
The algorithmic nature of human vision gives a road map to
transform any 2D image into a 3Dimensional structure. This has
been my sculptural practice for the last 4 years. I would therefore
work from a simple line sketch to apply my sculptural line
aglorithm, creating a 3Dimensional free standing sculpture.
ART GARCIA -Human Nature, Fig. No. 1, Dimensions: 96x44x9 (inches)

Through serial objects, Human Nature offers a collective
observation into our social consciousness. These figures, seemingly
displaced from an industrial or urban environment, use the
language of color so commonly experienced in our daily lives. As
the hues of night and day once influenced human physiology, so
too, color influences the figure in Human Nature. A glimpse into
each objects individuality is provided through the expressive
application of hue. While appropriating a universal form as a
canvas, viewers are called to dialogue through their introspection
with color, transcending the spoken word.
JIMMY DON SNOWDEN -8010 Dundee 160”x60”x36”
Growing up in downtown Dallas I always found myself yearning to be on an adventure somewhere or time
far from the city life I knew. I remember picturing my life I have been on many of the adventures I dreamed
of as a child, and my work is usually a reflection of an escapade or event that has Influenced the path of
my journey. I find the process of constructing a work is its own expedition and the finished work becomes
the destination.

The purpose of my work is to explore the balance and harmony that pertains to mortality and youth, as
well as the subconscious and physical world. The work itself is a byproduct of my exploration and
experimentation to find harmony through the manipulation of the visual weight of objects, colors, textures,
space and scale. The unpredictability of nature, the ocean, growth and decay are influential in how I work
and play a large role in the ideas that dictate my process
Underwriters:  CIM + Open Realty Advisors  +  Phoenix Property Company
LAURA WALTERS - Yellow Roses”  45”h x 96”w x 40”d  
(each rose is approx 40” wide, together about (90-96” wide for
whole installation). This pair of Yellow Roses alludes to the popular
Yellow Rose of Texas & was created for exhibition in the State Fair
of Texas Sculpture Show in 2018.  Each part is cut and ground by
hand to create the contours.  Folklore behind the song airs a bit
controversial in today's tide, however this sculpture is intended
only as a tribute to our state's rich history and  the duality of the 2
roses allows more than one interpretation of the tale, none of
which may be true.
My signature technique is “sewn paint” & working
with resin.
RUSS CONNELL - "El Scorcho", measurements 2 x 4 x 5'.
This piece was made in collaboration with muralist Mick
Burson, I fabricated forms similar to all my other works and
gave Mick complete creative control for paint.