Underwriters:  CIM + Open Realty Advisors
Elizabeth Akamatsu

Star Fire
Steel and Epoxy
64 x 90 x 40 inches

I have an aesthetic that reflects my Japanese heritage. My art strives to celebrate a passion for precision and beauty, and a reverence for the wonder
of nature. I have been working on a series of “stardust” forms inspired by the rosette formation of crystal clusters common in this part of the country. This
type of crystal formation is commonly referred to as a "desert rose". Each stardust sculpture reflects my fascination of this wonder of nature. I attempt to
capture the essence of this remarkably resplendent natural phenomenon with my abstract compositions hoping to elicit a sense of awe. The forms are
meant to be open to myriad interpretations. My "stardusts" have been described as coral from the sea, flora from the land, snowflakes from the sky,
meteors from the stratosphere, and mystical, magical forms that dazzle the eye.

With my stardust sculptures in mind, I would like to create a bench that can also celebrate the aesthetic challenge of public art.  The horizontal planes
can function as seats, and will offer 360 degree views of the surrounding landscape.  The bench will be made from 1/4" steel and painted with epoxy.