Underwriters:  CIM + Open Realty Advisors  
stoneware, stone
106" H.  16 1/2" W.  12" D.

My work is concerned with evoking spiritual or primal states. I use simple organic forms in suggestive conjunctions that
elaborate on metaphorical issues of ambiguity, morality, accident/intention, contradiction, or existence itself. The body
of work is unified by a very personal primal iconography and artifact-like quality that emerges from a consistent formal,
aesthetic and philosophical sense. I’m interested in the intellectual speculation we make about other cultures, especially
primitive or ancient ones, based on observation of their artifacts. My forms, materials, and processes imply cultural attitudes
that are harmonious with nature and the passage of time. Clay has associative power archeologically, it responds well to
the expressive needs of my ideas and is relatively permanent.  Wood, stone, fiber, bone, and found objects also have
connotative powers. There is often an allusion to circumstance, contextual or ritual usage, and time, but in a peripheral,
indirect, or generalized way. The works seem interrelated, part of some culture with an elaborate but undefined
mythological structure. This anthropological perception is a key issue in my work.

The works submitted for Art on Henderson are part of an ongoing series of large, high-fire ceramic sculptures with stone and/
or concrete elements that suggest monuments or markers of some sort, often to irrational or poetic ideas. The “organic”
aspect of these forms varies with the context: in clean, contemporary architectural settings, they seem particularly
natural in form, whereas garden or landscape settings emphasize their man-made geometric qualities. The colors and
shapes find unexpected linkages and subtle interactions with their various environments. Hopefully, each element
contributes to the overall effect of rediscovering an artifact that is evidently outside of our culture at one level but,
on another, reflects a kind of universal human consciousness and ultimately stimulates the perception and awareness
of our own personal existence.