Underwriters:  CIM + Open Realty Advisors
Art Garcia

Texas Bluestem, 2016
12’ height

A Texas-born artist, I have created public artwork and installations for public, private and commercial entities. It is my pleasure to be able to submit

The forms in this piece are a hybrid of the Dallas urban sprawl and my admiration for the native lands of Texas. I have enjoyed the landscape our
state have to offer from the West Texas to the Gulf Coast and the Boarderlands to the Panhandle and North Texas. Each region is unique all their
own however, all have grass fields covered with the most beautiful vegetation. It’s no wonder Lady Bird Johnson enjoyed the Texas landscape.

The objects in the stems are common roadside reflection devices, directing our busy lives day-in and day-out. Both the stems and devices have
become hidden elements in our visual crowded roadscape. From a distance the 12’ height of the stems will draw attention. My desire is to place it
at one of the open spaces (Cochran Park, Garret Park or Henderson at Ross. As a viewer approaches the installation — pedestrian or vehicular —
they will have an optical experience with the reflection device from various vantage points. As the bustling of the community and evenings near
the work will not fade into the night, it becomes more active. The viewer will see the work either stagnant or fluttering in the night sky.  

Anchored by the ¾ inch steel rods, the work will be durable, safe and secure withstanding heavy foot traffic. The forms will service the community
the entire two years required, beginning on the completed and installation date of May 31, 2016.