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Helene Vachon
Mosaic Gabrielle

Solarscope is made of glass mosaic on top of tempered glass tabletops.  The grout I used is Laticrete and is indestructible.  The frame is steel and very stout.  
Solarscope  has been the featured sculpture at the Cedar Park Sculpture Garden in 2015 for one year outdoors; it is very durable, safe and secured.  
Solarscope was also featured at Sculpture On Main, in Marble Falls outdoors for the year 2016 and won the People's Choice Award.  When the
sun hits the mosaic, it casts a flower print on the ground.  If there is light that can shine under, it is a magnificent look.  I would love to bring
Solarscope to Henderson Avenue for the public to enjoy a colorful art exhibit.  
Solarscope - 4' deep, 6' tall, and 3' wide.